Workshop “Understanding Venture Capital” – 13 May, 3pm-7pm

The talk will be on 13th May, 4 pm – 7 pm
Title: Understanding Venture Capital
Speaker: Jakob Gajšek

Jakob has been active in the startup community since 2015, when he co-founded the startup accelerator ABC where he was in charge of further raising funds for the accelerator portfolio. In 2018, he took over the position of Executive Director of the Ljubljana University Incubator, where he focused on creating a new generation of startups that emerge from research.

For most startups, raising an investment is the holy grail of their development. However – is venture capital also the right path for your startup?
Very often, startups enter investment discussions without an understanding of how investors think and what guides their decisions. This leads to unrealistic expectations and unhappiness on both sides.
At this workshop, we will take a detailed look at different types of investors, all key investment terms, and deconstruct the term sheet. You will learn what terms like liquidation preferences, antidilution and the like mean, so you will know exactly what the investors are talking about the next time you meet them and will be in a much better negotiating position.
At the end, we’ll take a look at exits – what happens and how, and how much do founders and investors actually make.